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Problem Solving 101.
The problem: Incorrectly adjusted forming collars. One of our most important jobs at Southwest Formseal is to instruct our customers in how to set up, adjust, and properly use the products they purchase from us. One of the most common forming collar problems we see is the example shown above.
The solution: Forming collars are designed so that the film literally glides on the peaks of the textured wing material. Film tracking is dictated by wing geometry and former crown design. When the forming collar is properly adjusted, there is a consistent balance of film friction, film tracking, and film speed. The final roller must be positioned as shown to achieve this balance. Deviating from the “centerline” adjustment will create unbalance, which may cause tracking problems, belt slippage, and premature wear and tear.
Keep in mind that when equipment questions or technical problems arise, we’re here to help solve them. Often a simple phone call is all it takes. More complex issues may call for an in-person visit to your facility so that we
can review your equipment and tooling before
making recommendations. Just give Dennis Kokkinis or John Deterling a call at 866.832.1454.
Which backseal is right for you?
The backseal you choose can make a big difference in the costs and efficiency of your packaging operations. It must take into account the type of film, the film web width, the film sealant layers, and package graphics. Although our forming collars are usually designed to run a single backseal style, they can also be designed to run a “combo” style, which, with the proper film, will run either lap or fin seals. They may also include an interchangeable crossover attachment that allows you to run lap or fin seals in either left-over-right or right-over-left configurations. Questions? Give us a call at 866.832.1454.
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