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Forming Collars - the shape of things to come.
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Forming Collar Assemblies
Ask Southwest Endseals
Why is flexible film forming so
In recent years, there have been
huge advances in packaging materials
and technology. These require greater
precision in film forming operations than
was previously required.
If the film is not formed properly, the
forming assembly will not track correctly,
and the package barriers may become
compromised. If this happens, you'll get
"lightning" marks on the package. But
far worse is that the package may let in
moisture, oxygen, or UV light, which will
shorten the shelf life of the product.
One company,
two specialties.
HOUSTON - A long-time leader in the
design and manufacture of sealing jaws,
Southwest Endseals is expanding to
include bag-forming collar assemblies for
both vertical and horizontal form-fill-seal
packaging machines.
"We are designing our company around
our clients' needs," says John Deterling,
president. "Now, instead of having to go
to one supplier for the collar and another
for the jaws, they can rely on Southwest
Endseals as a single source for both."
By streamlining the process, Southwest
Endseals will save clients valuable time
and help them improve efficiencies.
At Southwest Endseals, all manufacturing is done in-house - from milling, to forming, to assembly. Because no part of the process is outsourced, we are able to achieve a matchless level of quality control.
Dennis Kokkinis,
Company-wide Sales Manager
New department head
is no newcomer.
Problem solving on forming collar issues
is a way of life for Dennis Kokkinis, who
heads the company's new Forming
Collars area. A native of Houston, Dennis
has primary responsibility for ensuring that
the team delivers work of the highest tech-
nical excellence.
In his 23-year career in the industry,
Dennis has been deeply entrenched in
both technology and client service. There's
almost nothing he hasn't dealt with. But
he loves a good challenge, so feel free to
throw your thorniest problem his way and
watch him go to work! Give Dennis a call
at 866-832-1454.
all, we emphasize teamwork. Every time a
project comes to us, we try to do it better
than it has ever been done before.
We succeed when you succeed.
The ingenuity and dedication I see in my
team explains why Southwest Endseals has
been a mainstay of the packaging industry
for more than 30 years. Our name carries
a lot of weight with our packaging clients,
and we cherish that reputation. In adding
forming collar assemblies to our capabili-
ties, we will go the distance to ensure the
reliability and superior quality you expect.
The next time you have a need for sealing
jaws or forming collar assemblies, we'd
welcome the opportunity to prove what we
can do for you. I invite you to call anytime
we can be of service: 866-832-1454.
Dear friends, clients, and colleagues,
These are exciting times at our company.
This spring, we've added a new specialty
area to the services we offer: Forming
Collar Assemblies. This expansion enables
us to deliver the entire form/seal assembly,
rather than just one part of it. It also capi-
talizes on our greatest strengths: problem-
solving, CAD design, and in-house manu-
New area is up and running.
I am delighted that Dennis Kokkinis will be
heading the new department. Dennis has
a long track record in the industry, and we
will benefit from his considerable knowl-
edge of form assemblies. He has already
put together a stellar design/tech team.
As our company grows and changes,
some things remain constant. Every day
we come to work focused on solving
whatever challenges come our way. Above